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Suspense Account Definition

Content Use a Suspense Account for Questionable Transactions Dictionary Entries Near suspense account Finding problems in Suspense What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of High-Low Method Accounting? Definition: What Is a Suspense Account? The most important point to understand is […]

  • 26 października 2021
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Nonprofit Bookkeeping Services

Content Master the challenges of tax-exempt status The Outsourced Nonprofit Accounting Reports to Increase Your Impact Fully Staffed Accounting Team Top Fundraising Resources: Top 10+ Outsourced Nonprofit Accounting Firms Yet these organizations are required to meet increasingly complex administrative and […]


9 Best Payroll Services For Small Business October

Content Expert support Paychex – Best Affordable Payroll Software with Time Tracking Save time and reduce risk by automating payroll tasks Frequently Asked Questions About Payroll Service & Software Paylocity – Best for No-Frills Payroll Solution HR Services Paychex: Best […]


How to Perform Horizontal and Vertical Analyses of Income Statements

Content Criticisms of Horizontal Analysis Terms Similar to Horizontal Analysis Run a Finance Blog? See How You Can Partner With Us How to Read & Understand an Income Statement What’s the Purpose of an Income Statement? Financial Accounting Financial analysis […]


Why Choose Double-Entry Accounting Over Single Entry, Examples

Content Increase your productivity Difference between single entry and double entry bookkeeping Complexity in the accounting process Using Accounting Software Example of Double Entry Contra Accounts / Valuation Allowance Accounts The entry is a debit to the inventory account and […]


Understanding the true cost of borrowing: What is amortization, and why does it matter?

Content Should you get a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit? Is It Better to Amortize or Depreciate an Asset? Personal loans & lines Join PRO or PRO Plus and Get Lifetime Access to Our Premium […]


What is a corporation? Definition, explanation, advantages, disadvantage, and more

Content Which of the following is a major disadvantage of a corporation? What is the difference between an S corp and a C corp? Choose your business name Flexibility in Sharing Profits Financial Resources Ease of Capital Formation More state […]


A Guide to T-Accounts: Small Business Accounting

Content Resources for Your Growing Business What are the problems with T accounts? How do you make a T account? Increase and Decrease in T Account Balances The Profit and Loss report is important in that it shows the detail […]


Accounting For Trade In Vehicle

Content How Does Trading in a Car Work? accounting for trade in vehicle – Accounting TutorsOnSpot What is the Idaho Invasive Species Law and how does it apply to University vessels? ways to boost car trade-in value What Is the […]


15 Tax Deductions and Benefits for the Self-Employed

Content Home Office Deduction Gifts to Customers or Clients Telephone and internet expenses Employee benefits and salaries Health Insurance Premiums If you use the internet for personal and business purposes, you can only deduct a portion of the expense related […]